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The definitive art collection of the web3 revolution.

1000 curated masterpieces, linked together by a final co-created piece of blockchain art.

The LINKED Collection from MHOUSE


The date of the genesis drop has not yet been announced.

To stand a chance of collecting art from the first drop, you should mint a Collectors Pass NFT to guarantee early access.

Collectors Pass


The goal of the LINKED collection is to:

+ inspire 1,000 ground-breaking web3 artists from around the world to each create one masterpiece that symbolises the web3 revolution.

+ create a lasting legacy that communicates the web3 revolution to the world and documents this “moment in time” for future generations.

+ permanently link together 1,000 artists and (up to) 9,000 collectors in a new piece of ground-breaking co-created blockchain art.


The LINKED collection is carefully curated:

+ by the top web3 art curators in the world.
+ for the reputation of all of the artists involved.
+ to reduce the risk for collectors.


Voting rights on future artist applications will be given to:

+ a panel of international art curators.
+ every artist who is part of the collection.
+ every collector who owns a LINK NFT.

In a world-first for crypto art, the curation process will become
more decentralised as the project progresses.

Up to 999 artists and 9,990 collectors will cast a vote on the final artist!


Each masterpiece is turned into an edition of 10 copies.

+ Each artist submits 1 masterpiece.
+ This is turned into an edition of 10 copies.
+ 1000 editions will be dropped over the next 18+ months (10,000 NFTs in total).


Each copy will be minted as a unique LINK NFT.

+ The 1/10 NFT will be kept by MHOUSE and exhibited around the world and the metaverse.

+ The 2/10-10/10 NFTs will be available to mint for 1ETH (or for 0.5ETH and a collectors pass).

+ Primary sale funds are split 0.5ETH to the artist and 0.5ETH to MHOUSE. All secondary sale royalties are for the artist.


The LINKED Collection is designed to help collectors succeed.

+ A careful curation process ensures a world class quality of artists across the collection.

+ Detailed portfolios are created for every artist, to make it easier for collectors to DYOR.

+ Expert resources have been created to help collectors understand how to research, invest and purchase crypto art.


Collectors passes give collectors a head start.

1 Pass – Collector
Early Access (24 hours), 50% Discount on LINK NFT & Entry to MHOUSE Collectors Club

3 Passes – Supporter
Early Access (48 hours), 50% Discount on LINK NFT, Entry to MHOUSE Collectors Club & VIP at IRL Events

10 Passes – Patron
Early Access (48 hours), 50% Discount on LINK NFT, Entry to MHOUSE Collectors Club, VIP at IRL Events, Featured on this Website & Nominate an Artist

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Exhibitions that inspire more people to join the web3 revolution.

Regular IRL exhibitions will be held at crypto events and art fairs around the world.

The entire collection will be exhibited in a metaverse gallery.

A competition will be held for the best architecture firms in the world to bid to create a custom gallery in the metaverse to hold all 1000 editions from the LINKED collection.


Every artist and collector will benefit.

At the end of the project, all 1000 masterpieces and on-chain data from every collector will be linked together to create a final piece of blockchain art.

Proceeds of LINKED TOGETHER will be split:

25% – Artists (all 1000 will receive an equal share)
25% – Collectors (will receive a share based on NFTs held)
25% – LINKED Foundation
25% – MHOUSE

Imagine the global attention on this auction. Every crypto and art journal in the world will be talking about it.


Marketing for the LINKED Collection will continue into the future.

+ IRL and metaverse exhibitions and talks
+ 1000 voices – a podcast series featuring every artist from the collection.
+ Growth of MHOUSE membership from 500 to 5,000 to 50,000 to 500,000.


The next generation of artists will study the LINKED Collection and:

+ discuss the stories behind each piece.
+ analyse the techniques used to create each digital masterpieces.
+ dig deep into the socal, political and economic situation behind the artists.

The LINKED Collection will become the foundations for the next generation of artists to build a brighter future, beyond our imagination.


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