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1 Collection – 1,000 Artists – 10,000 NFTs

LINKED is a unique blockchain art (BCA) collection that links together like-minded artists and collectors from across the metaverse.
It unifies them into one voice and amplifies the message of the web3 revolution to every corner of the globe.

LINKED is a transformative collection that breaks new ground.

After the final edition is dropped, it will use the magic of the blockchain to combine and distil the work of 1,000 artists and the interactions of up to 9000 collectors…

…into one final masterpiece that will become a permanent snapshot of every artist and every subgenre of the web3 art movement.



Link contemporary artists with an audience of blockchain art collectors and help both of these groups progress successfully along their journey in web3.


Increase recognition of blockchain art, showcase its diversity and prove that it is more than “just” jpegs.


Create iconic works of art that take a snapshot of the lives we find ourselves living now and amplify the revolutionary ideals and benefits of web3.


Raise funds to help MHOUSE scale the community, build new services and link more web3 innovators from across the globe together in one network.


Can you imagine 1,000 original works of art, 1,000 artists and up to 9,000 collectors from around the world linked together in one single collection?
LINKED is a truly unique collection, created by an international community of 1,000 artists who believe in the future of blockchain art.
The 1,000 artists will each create an original masterpiece, of which a limited edition of 10 numbered copies will be produced.
Each copy will be minted as a unique LINK NFT.
In total, the LINKED collection will have 10,000 LINK NFTs.
MHOUSE will mint the first copy (1/10) from each edition and collectors will be able to mint the remaining 9 copies.
MHOUSE will create a foundation to tour the LINKED collection around metaverse, online and IRL galleries globally.
When all of the editions have been minted, MHOUSE will facilitate the creation of a new piece of blockchain art that links together all 1,000 artists and up to 9,000 collectors.
Proceeds of from the sale of the LINKED TOGETHER piece will be shared between all of the contributing artists, collectors the LINKED foundation and MHOUSE.


Very few artists “make it” – like PAK and Beeple. The truth is that the chances are very small.
With LINKED, artists can “make it” together.

“LINKS Together Strong!”

LINKED provides a tangible way for artists and collectors to work together to achieve a shared goal and each LINK is a way to realise this connection on the blockchain.

The Artists

An artist is somebody with the skills and talent to create a work of art.
This could be a photographer, musician, (digital) painter, 3d animator, poet, generative art coder, author or anything else.

As LINKED is a collection of web3 art, a preference will be shown for:
+ Digital native art.
+ Traditional non-digital art that is brought to the digital realm in a new or innovative way.
+ Traditional art that does not necessarily meet the point above, but that is pushing boundaries that align with web3 values e.g. freedom, peer2peer, censorship resistance.

Artists from all genres are welcome to submit a portfolio for consideration.

MHOUSE will help artists:
+ Be part of the largest and most diverse collection of unique blockchain art ever assembled
+ Benefit from the knowledge and marketing power of 999 other artists and up to 10,000 collectors
+ Create a high quality ERC721 NFT rather than the ERC 1155 NFT created by OpenSea Collection Manager
+ Sell their art for more than 10X the average price of recorded NFT sales on OpenSea.
+ Receive 100% of secondary royalties for their art plus a share of the final sale of LINKED TOGETHER

Artist Application Process

The LINKED collection is intended to be open and inclusive just like Web3.
Applications are open to anybody regardless of age, location, race, gender or any other characteristic.
MHOUSE will comply with the laws of areas in which we operate but will make every effort to keep the LINKED application process open and accessible to everybody on the planet.
Applications that reflect or promote hate or discrimination towards any other person or group will not be considered for the LINKED collection.

Applications will be in rounds…
…and the first round is open now!



Apply to be part of the collection.


Await application review.


If successful, start creating your masterpiece.


Release the work as part of the LINKED collection

Artist Applications

Artist Curation Process

It is extremely important that the LINKED collection is careful curated:
+ For the reputation of all of the artists involved
+ To protect the value of the collectors’ blockchain art
Initially, the applications will be curated by a panel of international artists, collectors and consultants.

As time goes on, the voting process will become more decentralised.

Every artist who is chosen to create a work will receive voting rights on future artist applications.
Every collector owning a LINK will receive voting rights on future artist applications.
Yes – there will be 999 artists and up to 9,990 collectors who will be able to vote on the final artist!

This decentralised curation process is a first for blockchain art.

Not only does it completely embrace web3 ideology, but it will strengthen the collection and increase international visibility by reinforcing the link between the artists and collectors.

The Art

LINKED will feature works of art from 1,000 artists.

Each artist will create an original master that embodies the idea of the web3 revolution.

The web3 revolution represents true digital ownership and returning power to the individual.
Rather than being controlled by a central authority, web3 is spread across countless computers around the world and is open, permissionless and censorship-resistant.
It is providing a vehicle to address equal access, information control, intellectual property, censorship, copyright, authorship, trust, privacy, security and many more important issues.

There is no limit to how the web3 revolution could be expressed through a work of art in the LINKED collection, but ideas include:
+ An homage to a famous figure that shaped crypto, NFTs or web3
+ An original “remix” of a famous traditional / digital artwork or collection – no plagiarism allowed
+ A historical web3 moment or selection of moments – Bitcoin pizza day, Bitcoin whitepaper, Ethereum ICO
+ A future dream – freedom, ownership, p2p transactions
+ An interpretation of the broken web2 environment we live in now with monopolies controlling our data and our thoughts
+ The moment of change as we move from the control of web2 to the freedom of web3
+ Any other interpretation that embodies the spirit of freedom, change and the web3 revolution

The NFTs

When the original master is complete, the artist will create an edition of 10 copies.
Each copy in the edition will be numbered (1/10, 2/10, etc) and minted as a unique NFT called a LINK.
The first LINK from each edition (1/10) will be minted by MHOUSE.
The remaining 9 LINKS will be available to be minted by collectors.
There will be a total supply of 10,000 LINK NFTs.
LINKED is a groundbreaking collection of blockchain art that will communicate the significance of web3 to the wider international community.

The Collectors

A link is a relationship that connects one thing (person) to another.
Owning a LINK NFT is proof of your support for web3 art, an artist and the web3 revolution.
In addition, holding a LINK will grant collectors access to the collectors club in the MHOUSE discord.
The LINKED collection is a new world where artists and collectors succeed together.

To help collectors:
+ All of the artists in the LINKED collection will be carefully chosen by a curation board.
+ Detailed portfolios will be provided with information about each artist, their story and the work of art that they have created for LINKED.
+ Guides will also be made available to collectors on the key things to look out for when choosing web3 art.
This will help both traditional art collectors and pfp NFT collectors who are moving into the web art space and deciding which LINK to collect.
Every collector has the opportunity to strengthen the value of their LINK NFTs by continuing to support the artists that they have collected.

Adding value to the collection:
+ Collectors can introduce their peers to the artist, educate them and encourage them to collect on the secondary market.
+ They can work to increase the visibility of the artist using any contacts in their personal network at galleries, art fairs, arts press and on crypto Twitter.
+ Collectors can purchase other art from the artist’s portfolio, providing them with the funds they will need to keep creating more art and to progress along their career.
+ They can introduce the artist to colleagues or institutions who are looking to commission a successful artist.

The value of the LINKED collection as a whole will grow as the visibility of the collection increases over time.

The value of each edition in the collection will grow as the individual artist gets more visibility and progresses along their career – from rising star to established artist.
If one artist succeeds, it will elevate all the other artists and the collection itself…
…leading to the strongest support network of artists and collectors that the art world has ever seen.

Minting Process

LINKS will be minted in a series of drops.
Each drop will consist of at least one artist and their edition of 10 copies.
In some cases, there may be multiple editions per drop.
Collectors can acquire collectors pass NFTs to gain early access to the drops ahead of the public sale.

Collectors Pass NFTs

Gallery Tour

Throughout the collection and after, when all 1,000 editions have been minted, MHOUSE will exhibit the art at the finest online, metaverse and IRL gallery exhibitions globally.
MHOUSE will also display one of every LINK from the LINKED collection in a specially commissioned online gallery where visitors will be able to walk around the gallery, view all the pieces together and fully explore this groundbreaking collection.


The collection will culminate in the creation of a final piece of blockchain art called LINKED TOGETHER.
Using AI technologies and algorithms, every piece of art and every collector will be linked together in a ground-breaking co-created piece of blockchain art.
The auction of this final piece will be done in a similar way to Beeples “Everydays – The First 5000 Days”, which was auctioned at Christies for $69 Million.
The proceeds from the sale will be shared between all of the artists, collectors, the LINKED Foundation and MHOUSE.


LINKED is a high-value, fine art collection and deserves to be on the most secure and decentralised smart contract network…
…which today is Ethereum.
Ethereum is home to the most important blockchain and NFT art in the metaverse and processes approximately 1.2 million transactions worth around $3.34 billion per day.
We understand there is an environmental impact to all online activity including blockchain.

MHOUSE are taking the following actions:
+ MHOUSE is dedicated to decarbonizing blockchain activities and is a member of the Crypto Climate Accord.
+ We will make LINKED sustainable by using Offsetra to offset all climate impact of LINKED blockchain activities.
+ MHOUSE will share links to all wallets and offset programs for full transparency.
MHOUSE is excited to follow Ethereum’s journey this year from Proof of Work consensus to Proof of Stake, when it will reduce energy use by 99.95%



Collection Name:

Collection Description:
LINKED is a unique web3 art collection that links together like-minded individuals from across the metaverse, unifies them into one voice and amplifies the message of the web3 revolution to every corner of the globe. 1 Collection – 1,000 Curated Masterpiees – 10,000 NFTs

NFT Name:

NFT Numbering:
9845 : 45 : 3
Token ID : Edition Number : Copy Number

Token Type:
ERC 721

Each LINK is 1/10

Each LINK is 1 ETH

LINK Initial Sale Split
50% Artist

LINK Royalties
100% Artist for all transactions that take place on marketplaces that support the new royalty standard

25% – Artists (all 1000 will receive an equal share)
25% – Collectors (will receive a share based on NFTs held)
25% – LINKED Foundation
25% – MHOUSE


reception [@] mhouse.club

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